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Founder Julio Olalla

Julio Olalla, Newfield Network President

"Julio has emerged as one of the great philosophers of our time. His audiences are forever changed after hearing him speak." —Richard Tarnas, author, Cosmos and Psyche

As the founder of Newfield Network, Julio Olalla is regarded as a pioneer of the executive coaching and transformational learning fields.

For over 30 years, Julio has trained thousands of individuals and worked with hundreds of organizations, CEOs, and government figureheads to challenge traditional thinking and create stronger leaders navigating the anxiety and turbulence facing our global community.

"I am passionate about helping others to regain the balance in their lives. Our world is too fragile for us not to be focused on how we learn, and how we must change our ontology in order to live more satisfying lives at work, at home, and in our communities."

With loyal followings in North America, South America, Canada, and Europe, his platform is a rich bilingual tapestry of weaving learning with relatable stories from his dramatic life experiences, clients, and travels. His global perspective makes him an in-demand trusted advisor of Fortune 500 companies, international governments, and high-profile individuals, such as the former Chilean President.

Julio Olalla is a sought-after guest and motivational speaker addressing audiences worldwide on the topics of leadership, coaching, transformational learning, education, and emotion. His message inspires audiences to review, not only the content of what they are thinking and learning but their interpretation of learning itself and its practices. His appeal is his dedication to generating a healthier, more sustainable way to inhabit the planet.

Originally an attorney with the Chilean government, Julio and his family made their way to the U.S. after the 1973 Chilean coup d’état. He lives in Colorado with a travel schedule that frequently takes him worldwide.