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"We need to recover the soul
as a domain of learning.”
~ Julio Olalla
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Interview with Newfield Network Founder Julio Olalla

A Newfield News Interview with Patricia Hirsch

Julio Olalla travels the world teaching transformational learning and coaching.  He was interviewed by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, on her Design Your Life radio program.  Patricia is well known in the Newfield community as a program coach and an integral part of the Newfield team. In this interview, Julio looks back on 30 years of coaching in order to look forward toward the future of the profession.

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Patricia Hirsch has been a student of Newfield Network since 2002 and a student of ontological learning since 1981.  She earned her MCC with the ICF in 2005 and her Newfield Certified Ontological Coach® designation in 2006.  She is also one of Newfield’s program coaches.

Her life’s passion is for all people to transform their way of being such that they live lives they love and that the moment to do so can begin right now.  She has jumped and bumped her head many times and keeps going so that she continues to break up that which is not working in her life.  She is aware that on the other side of each break lies a life full of joy and wonder. 


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Interview of Newfield Network Founder Julio Olalla, with Patricia Hirsch


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