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Dear Friends,
Newfield's roots are in our community.  Join voices with others through contributing to your newsletter.  Write to us with letters, photos, stories, examples, or just to share what you are up to.  We want to hear from you!  Email

In gratitude,
Newfield News Team

Greetings!  I LOVED the video—Chris is a fantastic educator, presenter, and coach, and this short video was packed with excellent, useful information.  Very nice production, pacing, length...thank you!
—Julie M. 

Very interesting case!  I learned that it is very important also in executive coaching the intervention from the body.
—Manuel C. 

I so enjoyed the Stuart Brown video on play.  I found it very interesting to hear about play in a different voice.  I know play can change my outlook and mood.  I realize I don't play enough and watching Dr. Brown makes me definitely want to play more.   Thank you for providing. 
—Marie N.  

Loved reading about the distinctions around the word “hope” since I relate to Churchill’s quote: “Hope is mindless dreams.”
—Sandra W. 

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